1989 Mini Thirty

Welcome to my MINI 30 Project build site!


Project Budget


This Web site is dedicated to the restoration of my Mini Thirty Limited Edition. I will keep updating with the restoration when I do each stage of the build.

Purchasing the mini

A mate on hubcaps mini club site, Matthew Taylor, posted on mini-classics that I was interested in a Mini30 in Glasgow that someone was selling.
After various emails to the owner, Andy Gray, were sent and the pictures below were received

The contents of the emails revealed the following:
The engine is from a 1989, rover metro 998cc engine/box with a modified head, HIF 38 carb, alloy inlet manifold, K&N filter. The doors you see are brand new ones that came with it, as is the brand new genuine front panel. The alloys as I mentioned before were reconditioned only last year - they look stunning when they're clean, and the tyres are 165/60/12 Falkens, two of which are brand new, the other three have only covered about 5000mls. There are 5 of them.
Interior -original half leather with red piping, the carpets are red also. The original steering wheel is still part of the car, and although not in excellent condition.

The rear subframe was replaced last year (2002), as were the brake hoses, radius arms, shockers, wheel bearings, all the joints at the front, mounts.

The reason for the engine was because I was coming down the M9 last November/December 2002 and the crankshaft snapped. It was more cost-effective to replace the whole engine rather than risks putting a new crank into an old engine, and the possibility of it all not quite matching up because of the engine wear. The metro engine had the same mileage –59k…so the speedo readying is correct for that engine as well.

It had a brand new clutch for starters, copper brake pipes are new, and the brakes have been bled also, new thermostat.

The 2 doors were also refurbished doors from minidoor.co.uk and were £125 each..ouch!! The front panel was bought from rover and was £70!!

Saturday the 24th may:

After considering the above, Zara and I decided to go and view the mini one Saturday morning. We arrived to meet Andy with the mini all ready out his Gran’s garage. He arrived in his Red Italian Job LE mini, which he had bought to replace the thirty as the bodywork was to much for him and the garage quote was too uneconomical.

Long story about how the plan was to turn it into zara’s cow print base mini but we found out that it was too good to be reshaped as such ;o)

We agreed a price and I left a deposit for the mini 30 ….I was well chuffed…. as I had always wanted a 30…as I thought the mini 30 was one of the best limited editions ever made.

On Wed, 11 Jun 2003.

I Needed to hire a transport/trailer to tow it home due to the current condition of it...the lack of front end made it illegal to drive!! –Thanks dad!

I emailed Andy to let him know that the 30 arrived in. …well I was going to say 1 piece….but it never left his Gran’s garage in one piece…..but everything was fine. He also told me that he had a few names for her! “I used to call it all sorts of things - please speed up (for its reg PSU), Linford (a fast black), my sister called it snoopy for some reason”

When I got her home, I removed the original doors that had been put inside the mini they still had the entire door handles/cards still attached. The alloys were also removed and changed when I work on the body work – grinding/welding/spraying etc. the leather interior was also removed as was the steering wheel and carpets the bonnet was also lifted out of the way as well.

Thursday 12 June 2003

Today I started to examine closely what the rust had actually done to the 30!! I found that from the front of the sills back towards the back of the car was sound! The inner wings needed patches of rust cut out and did the outer sills , as can be seen.

The areas were cleaned up and some rust neutralizer brushed on top of the surfaces.


Panels were ordered form somerford mini these included:



Bought mini 30 steering wheel off Ebay


Placed an order from Frosts


Bought paint/primer/thinners


Placed order for the original Rover decals from somerford minis and bought 2 towing eyes as well


Bought a hazard flasher unit from eBay- campfreedies, when I was buying stuff for the Racing green


Photographs showing the doors in heavy build primer and first top coast colour - mini 30 black

After working on the car the 30’s gearbox started to get stiff… and also the car would lag when full throttle was pressed. After cleaning up the plugs/leads …it seamed to run smother….but the gearbox then stuck in neutral and all I could select was reverse…… didn’t know the problem but I do know that Andy had changed the clutch on the metro engine so…..it might have been the problem…

We tried exchanging the gearleaver box and twin rods with a spare on that had just came out a mini city…..once I had changed them over…still no joy….which lead me to believe it was a gearbox problem


Photographs of various things bought for the 30 project


more 30 items - body decals and bonnet badge and sterring wheel.


Frost order & various - paints to tools.


Genueine heritage Inner wings - complete with Apanel and closing panel!